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Cargosystem, always at the customer service
The professional experiences of an efficient  working-team creates an innovative easy and well-tested organizational system, really customer oriented.
Cargosystem offers competitive and flexible solutions. Our team can meet the client’s requirements and easily adapts to variation of the request.
We offer an overall variety of logistic services including all those special extras which allow our customers to keep on concentrating on their  main business.

The simplicity of our business administration give us the chance to a strict costs control, and thanks to this our clients can be competitive as well.

Cargosystem SpA - Via Guido Rossa n. 30/A - Rosignano Solvay - Livorno - 57013 - P.IVA 00893450155 - Tel. +39.0586.764675 - Fax +39.0586.764675

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